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Mr. B.F. (Björn) Offerhaus


Mr. B.F. (Björn) Offerhaus

After studying law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Björn (1969) worked in financial services for over 10 years, both on the lending side, and on the investment side where he became a DSI registered senior investment advisor. Björn eventually served as General banker at MeesPierson, responsible for acquisition of new large clients. The entrepreneurial blood began to itch, and in 2006 Björn went self-employed. In the process, he began to advise and invest primarily in real estate and biotechnology-related companies and also built a real estate portfolio himself. Björn has been involved as Senior Advisor to Liesker Litigation Finance since its inception in 2011. He has been a director of (each of) Litifunds since 2015.

J. (Jan) Boer

Jan Boer (b. 1957) has spent his entire career in banking at one of the major Dutch banks. Most recently, he worked in special management in restructuring and settling large corporate loans. He has extensive experience analyzing and managing risk. Jan learned about Liesker Procesfinanciering in 2018 and has been a director of the various Litifunds, jointly with Björn, since 2023.

J. (Jan) Boer


The board is supervised by the Bondholders Foundation. Director of the Foundation is Mr:

S. (Stan) Gielen

Stan is an experienced broad-based administrator and supervisor.
As a director of the Foundation, he oversees the management of Litifund.
To that end, quarterly meetings are held at the offices of Liesker Procesfinanciering.

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Litigation funding can provide a good solution....


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